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DALUM Craft Scale CO2 Recovery Units

The DALUM CO2 Recovery Units feature proven technology scaled down, designed, and priced for craft breweries.

The Unit promotes a circular utilization of the brewery’s CO2 by recovering the CO2 from fermentation. It is collected, purified, liquified, stored, and ready to be used in all steps of beer production. As a complete CO2 recovery system, the Unit reduces the brewery’s CO2 emission and gives a reliable and cost-efficient supply of CO2 – making your brewery more suited for the future. We estimate that for every kg of CO2 recovered, 2 are saved from not sourcing* 

The units are available in 3 different sizes covering capacities from 1,000 HL/850 Bbls to 100,000 HL/85,000 Bbls.

At DALUM Beverage Equipment, we are proud to meet the growing demand and need for craft breweries to access affordable and advanced technology. 

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DALUM CO2 Recovery Units in Lervig Brewery in Norway
Two newest DALUM CO2 Recovery Units installed at Lervig Brewery in Norway

We are making proven technology available and financially feasible for craft-scale breweries worldwide. We have installed our CO2 recovery units in multiple countries across Europe with good feedback and helped breweries achieve sustainability and save on CO2 costs. 

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