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Maintenance overview

ComponentTaskTime interval
DehydratorsChange desiccant material1-2 year
ScrubberCheck water flow1 year
CompressorMain bearing greasedEvery 3rd month
CompressorChanging seals and Check Valves8-12 motns
Gear motorChange oil2 year
Sulfur filterReplace carbon1-2 year
Sterile filter and Particle filterChange filter1-2 times a year
Solenoid valvesCheck for leakageEvery 3rd month
Pressure relief valve before UnitClean due to risk of sticky glucoseEvery Month

The dehydrators require maintenance of about 2 years of operation. The desiccant material needs to be changed.

The Water Scrubber does not have any parts that requires changing but is good practice to check the water flow after 1 year of operation – to make sure that the nozzle is not clogged, and everything is running as intended.

The Compressor has a few different areas that need maintenance. Every 3rd month the main bearing is greased. Daily perform routine check on noise and the pressure gauges, or at least weekly. 8-12 months for changing compressor seals.

The Gearmotor has its own lubricant oil in a closed system, this oil should be changed after 2 years of service – or according to the gearmotors manual.

The Sulfur filter has an operation time of 1-2 years before it is needed to replace the active carbon.

The pressure relief valve for the CO2 collection circuit, which is located before the gas reaches the Unit should be cleaned every month to avoid sticking problems from glucose.

The particle filter and The Sterile filter should be changed once or twice a year depending on the Unit’s operation hours. If the filter is dirty, contact Dalum Beverage Equipment.
Solenoid valves, check drain valves for leakage by observing the drain hose with closed valves. Check other valves for leakage (closed leaking valves are very cold).

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Maintenance videos

Connecting and using DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit

Compressor maintenance

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Solenoid valve maintenance

Dehydrator maintenance

Note: now without coal in dehydrators – instead two different dissicant orbs.

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