The DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit

DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit
Model of the CO2 Recovery Unit

CO2 Recovery with Dalum Beverage Equipment

The DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit is made for craft breweries and can be ordered in 3 different sizes covering capacities from 1.000 hl/y to 100.000 hl/y.

The Unit promotes a circular utilization of the breweries own CO2, by recovering the CO2 from the fermentation. It is collected, purified, liquefied, stored and ready to be used in all steps of the beer production. A complete CO2 recovery system.

The Unit reduces the breweries CO2-emission, gives a reliable and cost efficient supply of CO2 – making your brewery more suited for the future.

At DALUM Beverage Equipment we are proud to meet the growing demand and need for craft breweries to have access to affordable, advanced technology.

Food Grade CO2 Quality and Secure Supply

  • No Oil or Chemicals in contact with CO2, due to the Stainless Steel and Oil Free DALUM Compressor and a purification process free of chemical filters
  • Only Approved Food Contact Materials in contact with CO2 from compressor
  • 99,98% CO2 purity and no detectable odor of any kind in product
  • Own control of CO2 source and delivery safety

Plug and Play unit ready to go

  • Fully assembled and tested unit ready to plug-in
  • Needs only water, electricity, glycol and drain to be connected
  • No vendor installation and commissioning hours needed
  • No PED or ASME needed for Unit *

Easy to fit in

  • Very small footprint of Unit(1 Sqm or 10 Sq Ft)
  • Low noise level (70dB) and can be placed anywhere in the brewery
  • No balloon due to DALUM Compressor with 100% variable speed
  • No hazardous ammonia or CFC cooling unit as central glycol source is used

* Storage tanks for liquid CO2 needs approvals and inspections.

Environmentally friendly

  • Very Low consumption of power and water
  • Considerable improvement of working environment in brewery
  • Eliminates breweries possible largest CO2 emission source
  • Eliminates breweries purchase and transport of CO2

Easy to use and maintain

  • Simple and fully automatic operation with self diagnosing software
  • Adapts automatically capacity to CO2 production from fermentation
  • No consumables to be replaced regularly
  • Remote control tool available

Financially Feasible

  • Low capex and short return on investment for 1.000 -50.000 hl/y breweries
  • Lowers variable cost of CO2 considerable and secures supply and low cost
  • Increase surplus CO2 value by cylinder filling for beer dispensers.
DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit installation
DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit at Fat Lizard Brewery
Lervig Brewery - DALUM CO2 Recovery Units
DALUM CO2 Recovery Units at Lervig Brewery

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