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DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit

This video introduces you to Kim Dalum our CEO, and two of our current customers from respectively Ramsgate Brewery and Ørbæk Brewery.

Dalum Beverage Equipment – DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit

Svaneke Brewery

Jan Paul, brewmaster from Svaneke Bryghus and one of the first customers, tells us about his two years experience with the DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit.

Jan Paul from Svaneke Bryghus

Lervig Brewery

In this video, Mike Murphy explains about the DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit in their brewery. Due to GDPR, we can’t have this video on our own page, but please do enjoy it on youtube.

Ramsgate Brewery

In this video Eddie Gadd, Head Brewer from Ramsgate Brewery, talks about the DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit.

Eddie Gadd from Ramsgate Brewery


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Danish article from Erhverv+

November 2022

An article about the past, present and future in Dalum Beverage Equipment.

Kim Dalum
CO2 Recovery Unit Compressor
Kim Dalum and his self designed oil free compressor


April 2022

Dalum Beverage Equipment is exhibiting at Craft Brewers Conference Minneapolis, May 2-5, 2022. Come visit us at Booth 343 and learn much more about our CO2-recovery unit for Craft Breweries. See You!

Booth Dalum Beverage Equipment
Frederik and Kim


October 2021

SKOL TO A SUSTAINABLE BEER – Take a look at this interesting article and learn much more about our collaboration with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

Trelleborg and Dalum Beverage Equipment