Storage Tanks

DALUM can also supply a wide range of LCO2storage tanks and vaporizers from well-known brands including Chart Ferox, Statebourne, Karbonsan, and Sinocleansky.

The tanks DALUM offers are ASME/PED or TPED (transportable) certified stainless steel vacuum insulated LCO2storage tanks suitable for craft breweries of all sizes, ranging in capacities from 230 kg to 50.000 kg. These tanks are designed with working pressures ranging from 22 to 37 bar. We can offer specific tanks that are in compliance with regulations worldwide.

Tanks ranging in capacities from 230kg to 3.000kg can be delivered with integrated vaporizers, whereas larger systems require an external vaporizer. For any tanks Dalum can supply vaporizers with capacities ranging from 50kg/h to 300kg/h.