Paving the way for a local sustainable industry

Picture from Vanuatu Brewing Ltd. on LinkedIn

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Vanuatu Brewing Ltd. (VBL) proudly announces the installation of a cutting-edge CO2 recovery system, a significant stride in our commitment to environmental sustainability. This innovative technology, installed by Dalum Equipment, renowned for its efficient and small-scale CO2 recovery units, was set up earlier this month at our main brewery

This new system not only exemplifies Vanuatu Brewing Ltd’s dedication to sustainable practices by significantly reducing its carbon footprint but also aligns with the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance operational efficiencies. The installation process was led by Dalum’s director who personally oversaw the setup and trained the local team, ensuring they are well-equipped to manage the technology. This training underscores the commitment to not only improving the environmental impact but also empowering the local workforce with high-level technical skills.

By recovering and recycling CO2 from its own fermentation processes, VBL is now able to significantly cut down on CO2 emissions and operational costs, promoting a more sustainable brewing process that benefits both the environment and our community. Vanuatu Brewing is proud to pave the way for a sustainable local industry in Vanuatu, setting a benchmark for ecological responsibility that resonates across the Pacific region.

About Dalum Beverage Equipment is a company leader in providing advanced, cost-effective solutions for CO2 recovery, specifically designed for craft breweries. Their technology helps breweries around the world reduce their environmental impact and improve cost efficiency.

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