The Mini

The Mini is our initial model of CO2 recovery Plants, featuring a DALUM compressor with a theoretical compressor displacement of 10 kg/h and an LCO2 output of 8 kg/h.

Capacity : The Mini model is specifically designed for breweries with a production ranging between 5.000 – 15.000hl/y, assuming an alcohol content of 5%.

Model Mini
Capacity Theoretical compressor displacement 0-10 kg CO2 feed gas per hour. Estimated liquid output 0-9kg CO2 per hour.
Purity 99,980%-99,995% CO2 purity depending on feed
CO2 supply pressure Minimum 0,2 bar from fermenter
Feed gas purity Minimum 96% CO2, maximum 0,6% oxygen (incondensable gas)
Room temperature Minimum 5°C and maximum 40°C
Electricity 3x400V +N+P, 50 Hz, 10 Amps fuses.
Cooling media -5 to 0°C, flow 0-15 l/min or max 1,0 kW (0,3 kW compressor) Delta T minimum 1,5 bar. No calcium or oil in cooling source
Water 0-15 l/hour
Drainage 0-15 l/hour
Dimensions LxWxH: 1x1x3 meters and 1x2x3 including foam trap.
Noise level App. 65 dB(A)
Materials Stainless steel (exclusive motor, gearboxes, control cabinet) and selected electrical valves in brass
Controls PLC /w colour touchscreen and fully automatic operation. Remote access to live dashboard from pc and smartphones
Components as per DALUM`s best choice
Covers optional – recommended if module is placed in fermentation area with spraying with water and cleaning agents.
PED-code The CO2 module is outside PED and ASME regulation for site inspection. No approval needed.
Documentation The equipment is delivered CE marked and with available online manuals, videos and documentation for use and maintenance