Svaneke Bryghus Experiences Growth as a Result of Focus on Sustainability

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Svaneke Bryghus Experiences Growth Once Again 

At DALUM Beverage Equipment we love to see our clients making progress. Svaneke Bryghus in Svaneke, Denmark, became one of the first breweries to install the DALUM CO2 Recovery unit back in 2020. We are delighted to see Svaneke continuing their growth, partly as a result of their dedication towards sustainability. Svaneke reports an increased revenue of 6% in 2023 and reports a profit of 1,245 million DKK after taxes.  

Svaneke says their documented green and sustainable initiatives have increased demand from customers and has strengthened their position on the market. 

Which Initiatives Has Svaneke Bryghus Taken to Become More Sustainable?  

Svaneke Bryghus located on the beautiful island of Bornholm, has been on a mission towards CO2-neutrality for years, which they accomplished in 2021. Their sustainability journey already started back in 2007 with the establishment of their new brewery. 

2007 – New Brewery 

Svaneke establishes their new brewery with thought in sustainable solutions like heat recovery, centralized cleaning, column-wise steam production, and climate-friendly cooling system. 

2014 – Solar Cells 

Svaneke Bryghus, decides to install solar cells. Now, the sun contributes to the brewing process at Svaneke Bryghus. 

2018 – Organic Brewery 

Svaneke Bryghus becomes a 100% organic brewery. 

2019 – Own Can Production 

Svaneke Bryghus invests in their own can production and introduces cans with significantly lower environmental impact than single-use bottles. Thus, decreasing their CO2 emission.  

2020 – Company of The Year 

Svaneke Bryghus is awarded the prize as Company of The Year on Bornholm due to their green and sustainable initiatives. 

2020 – DALUM CO2 Recovery Unit 

Svaneke Bryghus installs their Craft Scale CO2 Recovery Unit from DALUM Beverage Equipment, and as a result have saved 50 tonnes of carbon emission each year since. They use the recovered CO2 for further production, thus making Svaneke bryghus CO2 independent. Moreover, they sell the excess recovered CO2 to their customers. 

2020 – FCS-Certification 

All Svaneke Bryghus’ labels and cardboard get FCS-Certified. 

2020 – 100% Green Certified Biogas and Electricity 

Svaneke Bryghus transitions to using 100% green certified biogas and electricity. 

2021 – Certified CO2-Neutral 

FORCE Certification verifies that all brewing and bottling of beer is CO2-neutral, making Svaneke Bryghus the first verified CO2-neutral brewery in Denmark. 

2022 – Choosing EV  

Svaneke substitutes all their company cars and vans for electric vehicles. Moreover, they become CO2-neutral certified once again.  

2023 – Scope 1 and Scope 2 Certified 

Force Certification declares Svaneke Bryghus scope 1 and scope 2 certified by means of their many sustainability initiatives. 

Closing Remarks 

We are immensely proud of Svaneke Bryghus and to be a part of their and all our clients’ journey towards CO2 independence. Svaneke Bryghus is once again doing a great job and showing how important it is to become sustainable in this market. Cheers to Svaneke Bryghus! 

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