The Benefits of CO2 Recovery – Brewers Journal UK

Thisted Bryghus is able to save 240 tonnes CO2 each year by using two DALUM CO2 Recovery Plants.

An Increasing Number of Craft Breweries are Investing in CO2 Recovery Systems

Benefits of CO2 recovery has not been financially achievable for craft breweries until recently, forcing them to purchase industrial CO2. Now, with first-rate craft-scale CO2 recovery technology available, this economic obstacle for craft brewers has been eliminated. Frederik Dalum has an article featured in the newest issue of the Brewers Journal covering this topic in-depth.

An increasing number of craft breweries are implementing CO2 recovery technology to boost profits and improve sustainability. This technology reduces carbon footprint, cuts operational costs, and assists breweries to become CO2 independent. Since 2018, DALUM Beverage Equipment has been revolutionizing craft-scale CO2 recovery technology, supporting the industry’s goal of reducing carbon emissions while maintaining financial viability.

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