CO2 Recovery Units

The DALUM CO2 Recovery Units are “big brewery” technology scaled down, designed, and priced for craft breweries.

The Unit promotes a circular utilization of the brewery’s CO2 by recovering the CO2 from fermentation. It is collected, purified, liquified, stored, and ready to be used in all steps of beer production. As a complete CO2 recovery system, the Unit reduces the brewery’s CO2 emission and gives a reliable and cost-efficient supply of CO2 – making your brewery more suited for the future. We estimate that for every kg of CO2 recovered, 2 are saved from not sourcing*

The units are available in 3 different sizes covering capacities from 1,000 hl/y to 100,000 hl/y.

At DALUM Beverage Equipment, we are proud to meet the growing demand and need for craft breweries to access affordable and advanced technology.

How it is done

The DALUM CO2 Unit is designed for craft breweries to recover own CO2 from fermentation and CO2 from purging of tanks. The goal is to help breweries controlling their own supply chain, becoming self-sufficient with their CO2 supply.

The concept is to collect raw CO2 from the fermentation tanks using flexible hoses connected to the existing tank’s CIP/gas outlet and to one of the central CO2 collection stations connection points. Each of the connection points is equipped with a bunging valve or a check valve, and a shut off valve to ensure individual and continuous system operation without risk of cross contamination. If individual fermentation pressures are needed bunging devices must be used instead of check valves.

The CO2 raw gas from the collection system is supplied to the foam trap, optionally equipped with a foam detector. After the foam trap but before the CO2 gas reaches the compressor, 90% of the impurities like alcohol and aerosols, are removed in the water scrubber.

After second stage compression, CO2 is led through activated carbon filters, which removes traces of sulphur and oxygenates, and after stage three the CO2 is dried in aluminium oxide-based dehydrators, which also removes traces of remaining volatiles. The Dehydrator is duplicated and regenerates automatically by heating.

Unlike conventional CO2 compressors, The DALUM CO2 Compressor provides up to 45 bar pressures, hence the CO2 condensation takes place at 0-5°C and makes it unnecessary to use a separate CFC or ammonia cooling systems but a glycol, ice-water or alcohol coolant system can be used – Even the existing coolant system in the brewery can be utilized.

The dry CO2 is condensed using an external coolant source and the liquid CO2 is continuously distilled in the condenser coil to ensure low oxygen content. Liquid CO2 is pushed with app. 35 – 40 bar pressure to the CO2 storage tank, where liquid CO2 expands to the storage tank pressure and temperature. Vaporized CO2 from the storage tank is sent back to the compressor.


Control System with Unitronics Vision Combi PLC Remote Operator

The DALUM Unit is integrated with a self-diagnosing software, that can be remotely accessed via cloud services by pc and mobile devices. The live dashboard provides relevant data and statistics to monitor the CO2 Unit and tank system. The integrated router allows for easy software updates and online service by Dalum Beverage Equipment e.g., Troubleshooting services.

The DALUM Units come in 4 different-sized models

Benefits of a DALUM Beverage Equipment CO2 Recovery Unit

Food Grade CO2 Quality and Secure Supply

  • No oil or chemicals come in contact with captured CO2 due to the stainless steel and oil-free DALUM compressor and a purification process free of chemical filters.
  • Only approved food contact materials are in contact with the CO2 from the compressor.
  • 99.99% CO2 purity and no detectable odor of any kind in the product.
  • Brewery will have  control of own CO2 source and safety.

Plug and Play

  • Fully assembled and test unit ready to be installed.
  • It only needs water, electricity, glycol, and a drain to be connected.
  • Easily installed with your own personnel.
  • No PED or ASME is required for Unit *

Easy to Integrate into Brewery

  • Easy to fit – small footprint (1m2), height 2,8.
  • Low noise level (70dB) and can be placed. anywhere in the brewery.
  • No balloon due to the DALUM compressor with 100% variable speed.
  • No hazardous ammonia or CFC cooling unit as your central glycol source is used.

* Storage tanks for liquid CO2 needs approvals and inspections.

Environmentally friendly

  • Low power and water consumption.
  • Improves brewery working environment.
  • Substantially lowers CO2 footprint/emission.
  • Moves your brewery towards CO2 independence.
  • Eliminate breweries purchase and transport of CO2.

Easy to use and maintain

  • Simple and fully automatic operation with self-diagnosing software.
  • Adapts automatically to CO2 production from fermentation.
  • Ease of Maintenance.
  • Remote HMI available.
  • Loads of guides and quality videos on how to do maintenance on the machine yourselves

Financially Feasible

  • Low capex and short return on investment.
  • Show HL and Barrels.
  • Secures own CO2 source.
  • Increases CO2 value by cylinder filling for beer dispensers.

Download Flowchart & PowerPoint